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Amy Stoddard-Ajayi runs a consultancy that provides psychological therapies, clinical training & service design for the mental health and well being sectors both nationally and internationally.

Amy Stoddard-Ajayi - MSc, MBACP

Welcome to my website - thank you for visiting.

I am an Anthropologist with a passionate interest in cross cultural interaction and a mental health clinician with nearly 20 years experience of working with specialist therapeutic environments. I combine my anthropological and mental health training and professional experience when approaching any problem, whether that is clinical or organisational. 

I am the Mental Health Lead for Cambridge Medical Academy (UKEMED) based at the biomedical campus at Cambridge University. The Cambridge Medical Academy is a knowledge ecosystem offering innovative collaborative services to the healthcare community. As part of this role I am responsible for writing and delivering training programmes that encourage cross cultural learning between health institutions reaching approximately 800 clinicians globally.

I am also a visiting lecturer for the PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT at Southampton University where I teach the MSc and PhD students in distinct areas of study including trauma and migration, global mental health and overcoming cross cultural barriers in mental health delivery. 

In my clinical practice, I provide a range of mental health services, which you can find more information on throughout the site.

I am a regular conference speaker and I have been a Consultant Advisor to some of the largest NHS Trusts and Private Healthcare providers operating in the UK, where I have played a key role in initiating staff and patient participation programmes including staff Diaspora Advisory Groups, Patient and Staff Forums, Innovation Hubs and Research Hubs that link statutory, third sector and academic institutions together. 

I sit on the Board for the Wessex Global Health Network where I advise on the design of mental health services for migrant people, with the aim of making health services more equitable and reducing health inequalities. I am also a Board member for a charity supporting people with disabilities in Zambia. 

My research, which focused on equality of access to UK mental healthcare has been published internationally.

For a number of years I have worked both clinically and as a consultant in designing and developing healthcare services. I have been instrumental in improving equality and diversity within mental health delivery and setting up diaspora/cultural advisory groups to healthcare establishments. 

Alongside my clinical role as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist at East London Foundation Trust, I was the Strategic Development Lead for The Uganda Diaspora Health Foundation, a global mental health organisation which worked in collaboration with East London NHS Trust, Oxford University, THET and Makerere University Kampala. We forged international connections to promote cross-cultural learning between clinical settings to advance patient care and reduce issues related to lack of access to mental health care for specific communities including stigma, discrimination and a lack of education/understanding about mental health conditions. 

As part of my clinical and training services I work with a broader group of associate consultants including private psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, consultant surgeons and academics. 

Get in touch today to discuss how my expertise can help you.

Psychological Support from expert practitioners

As well as the development and redesign of health services for the NHS and private sector, I also specialise in the clinical application of psychological therapies with particular attention to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

I run a private CBT clinic in conjunction with associate consultants based in West Sussex but covering the whole of the UK through video based psychological interventions; for more information please get in touch.

Amy's Career and Technical Education

  • MSc in Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling Therapy
  • L3 in Positive Psychology Coach Practitioner
  • BA (Hons) Anthropology and Communication
  • Post Graduate Certificate Narrative Exposure Therapy for Trauma
  • Certificate in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) (accredited)
  • Certificate in Neurophysiology and the stress response
  • Certificate in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for personality disorder, self-harm and suicidal ideation
  • CBT for chronic pain
  • Mental health in trauma and migration
  • Cultural adaptations in mental health
  • Child and adolescent development
  • CBT-I for insomnia
  • Motivational interviewing for addiction/physical health problems
  • Trauma Focused CBT
  • Women's psychological health
  • Managing Addiction
  • Systemic Therapy for families and relationships
  • Working with young people involved with gangs and violent crime
  • Sexual exploitation and recovery
  • Treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Perinatal OCD
  • Policy and practice in mental health settings
  • Reducing Non-communicable disease in patients with mental health conditions
  • Global mental health development
  • The role of the diaspora in global mental health
  • Mental Health Service Design and Development

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